FraudRadar provides dozens of validations for you to customize your spam and fraud filter according to your business needs.
Each customized validation is referenced as a rule in FraudRadar. Couple of definitive examples for validation rules are:

  1. Any singup with email that is from a proxy should be reviewed.
  2. Any action with IP that is used for scripting activties should be rejected.
  3. Any action with email that is already in FraudRadar blacklist should be rejected.

This list can be as long as your business requires. You are allowed to add different type of validations as far as your plan allows. As you need more flexibility with your validation rules, you may want to use complex rules which allows you to combine multiple validation rules together to decide an action. Couple of example for complex rules are:

  1. Any signup with an email that is disposal OR any email that is public should be reviewed.
  2. Any action with IP that is blacklisted AND is over a proxy should be rejected.