IP Proxy

This service checks against our proxy databse to see if used IP has been flagged as a proxy server.

IP Blacklist

FraudRadar keeps a large dataset on already flagged IPs due to fraud actions. FraudRadar will flag any request comming from a blacklisted IP address.

Free Email

This service checks against well known email service providers and flags request if it comes from an free / automated email service.

Email Blacklist

Similar to IP Blacklist, FraudRadar keeps track of blacklisted email addresses. And if any new request comes from same email address, it is flagged as blacklisted.

Domain Validity

This service checks if provided email domain is valid or not.

Email Domain Age

Returns the domain age of the queried email address.

Disposable Email

FraudRadar keeps up to date data on disposable email servers and for each query on email, it returns the disposable result.

Custom Country

This service is managed by rules, and user may allow or prevent access from country/countries.

Regular Expression Filter

With this feature, you may configure custom rules to allow a specific regular expression pattern (or predfined patterns provided by FraudRadar)

IP Script Activity

IP script activity is FraudRadar specific flagging mechanism that traces any illegal activity on the queried IP address.

IP Country vs Address

With this feature, FraudRadar allows to have a new rule to compare a billing address/residency address against the accessed IP Country.

Credit Card BIN

FraudRadar keeps track of a list of valid BIN addresses and compares the provided Credit Card BIN against the valid list.


For custom rules, it is allowed to whitelist an email address or IP address for activities.

Machine Learning

All services are supported by regularly updated machine learning algorithms to detect fraud actions on IP addresses, Email addresses or Credit Card details